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Enjoy Our Park!

Enjoy Our Park!

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Inland Township Zoning Ordinance

Township Zoning Ordinances & Forms

The information on this Website is for reference only.

Please Contact the Zoning Administrator for the most up-to-date information.


Download the Zoning Ordinance Adopted July 17, 2020

Links below will jump to the appropriate section of the ordinance.

Article 1
Title, Purpose, and Legal Clauses

Article 2

Article 3
General Provisions

Article 4
Zoning Districts And Map

Article 5
District Regulations
Forest Residential District

Article 6
District Regulations
Rural Residential RR

Article 7
District Regulations
Single Family Residential R-1

Article 8
District Regulations
Mixed Residential MR

Article 9
District Regulations
Manufactured Housing Community

Article 10
District Regulations
General Commercial C-1

Article 11
Private Roads

Article 12
Special Land Uses

Article 13
Site Plan Review

Article 14
Administration & Enforcement

Article 15
Board of Appeals

Article 16
Repealer and Effective Date


Land Use Permit Application and Fee Schedule

Application Forms

Application for Zoning Ordinance Amendment

Application for Special Use Permit

Application for Site Plan Review 


Zoning Board of Appeals Application

Zoning Complaint


Inland Township Map (PDF)

This page last updated on 7/27/2020.

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