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Joint Planning Commission

Inland and Homestead Townships formed a Joint Planning Commission in February of 2007.  Consists of nine members (five from Inland and four from Homestead) appointed by the Township Supervisor, and each member serves a 3-year term.

  • Creates and adopts a Master Plan to guide the township’s future land use patterns
  • Creates and adopts other related plans and studies
  • Reviews and approves most development proposals – some proposals require final approval by the Township Board
  • Makes recommendations on rezoning requests
  • Drafts and makes recommendations on zoning ordinance refinements and updates
  • Makes recommendations on other general law ordinances, as needed
  • Planning Commission meetings are open to the public, and all are encouraged to attend to have a voice in your government.

Planning Commission Members

Inland Township

  • Christy Andersen, Chairman
  • Mary Miller
  • Roger Hubbell
  • Bradley Skusa
  • Rob Widrig

Homestead Township

  • Cathy Demitroff
  • Dan Moore
  • Fred Poynor
  • Mark Walmsley

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